Zerspanungstechnik Nikolic

Standard and custom-made products
High quality allows for long-term durability of our products

Since 1986 we develop, construct, and produce wear parts and tools from high-quality steel.

We provide:

  • spare parts from all manufacturers, both originals and replicas,
  • slot tools/chisel for all hydraulic hammers,
  • cutters for hydraulic shredders/shears from high-alloy tool steel,
  • hydraulic equipment,
  • lubricants, oils, specialty oils and more.

Prime principle – guaranteeing the performance

Computerised machine tools with numerical controls are made available for the most important work phases in order to achieve highest precision – the only real assurance of performance.

For reasons of quality assurance, we keep our systems state-of-the-art in order to achieve best results. That gives you the highest reliability and quality of spare parts production.

Timely exchange of wear parts


Selection of various spare parts

Replenishments of spare parts usually stop when brands are no longer produced. In order to maintain or to restore the operational readiness of older models, however, an exchange of wear parts is indispensable. After all, an exchange of wear parts at the right time significantly contributes to extending the operational life span of a demolition machine. On the basis of precise model informations, technical drawings, or patterns, we are able to provide any wear part in the desired quantities.

No Limit – spare parts and service for all established brands

We have a complete spare parts warehouse available right down to the last detail, which is continuously updated with new and improved products. This provides you the opportunity to engage in an unrestricted spare parts service.


Our special machine – designed for specific tasks

The machine is custom made. Here you can see it in action in the machining of a master cylinder Krupp HM-1500th. It was specifically designed for the handling of oversized hydraulic cylinders. We use this special machine, which is unique in Germany, to accurately work on hydraulic cylinders to a thousandth of an inch. Thus, worn or damaged hydraulic cylinders, percussion pistons, and chisel bushings can be machined despite oversize.

The special feature of the machine:
The hydraulic cylinder can be directly measured with the machining spindle.


Our range of services is based on an extensive and ever-growing machinery. Various manufacturing technologies are available for the processing of used machinery or the production of spare parts.

Bearbeitungszentrum MAZAK VTC-300C
Bearbeitungszentrum mit drei Achsen im Einsatz
Drehmaschine MAZAK QTN-250-II Matrix 1000 mm Spitzenweite – mit zwei Achsen
Drehmaschine MAZAK SQT-28M 1500 mm Spitzenweite mit drei Achsen angetriebenen Werkzeugen und Lynette
Drehmaschine MAZAK SQT-28M 1500 mm Spitzenweite
Drehmaschine MAZAK SQT-28M 1500 mm Spitzenweite
Bearbeitung eines Vorderzylinders Rammer G-130
Detailansicht von MEXPOL TUB-630B – konventionelle Drehbank mit NC-Unterstützung und einer Spitzenweite von 1500 mm
6,3 Tonnen ABUS Kran mit einer Hackenhöhe von 8 Metern
8 Tonnen HYSTER Diesel Gabelstapler