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ATN RHZ 4500 und wir

Our Demolition Crusher ATN RHZ 4500 with a nested weight of 5 tons was in action in March 2016 in a bunker demolition in Hamburg, Germany.

New Product
ATN LUBE Lubrication Pump

ATN Lube Schmieranlage

ATNLube lubrication system without protection

Driven by hydraulic hammer vibration: The lubrication pump ATNLube was specifically designed to minimize friction and prevent wear of heavily loaded mechanical tools such as hydraulic hammers. It allows a continuous supply of lubricant during operation.

Works like clockwork: With the help of visual control, one can make sure that the ATNLube works smoothly. The piston in the cartridge serves as a visual control of the grease level.

Exchange of container instead of refilling: The pump is provided with lubricant by means of an exchangeable 400 g cartridge. Suitable lubricants are chisel paste or greases up to NLGI class 2. The grease cartridge has a solid screw-in thread so that the thread will not split or overtwist even if exposed to heavy forces.

Easy to assamble and maintain: The lubrication pump ATNLube is driven by the vibration of the hydraulic hammer. Additional drive or an extra control valve are therefore unnecessary. Assembly costs are low because the ATNLube can be attached directly onto the hammer. Thus, only a short lubrication hose is needed. With the help of a precision throttle, the amount of lubrication is adjustable to any size of machinery.

ATN Lube Schmieranlage mit Schutz

ATNLube lubrication system with protection

System properties:

  • Suitable for subsequent attachment onto a demolition hammer
  • Continuous lubrication throughout the whole working phase
  • No unloading of the hydraulic system necessary
  • Small size pump, directly mounted to the hydraulic hammer
  • Adjustable amount of lubricant, reduced lubricant expenditure
  • Exchangeable 400g grease cartridges with filling level indication
  • Lubricating nipple for manual refill of empty cartridges.
  • Lubricating nipple for manual lubrication
  • No oil lines to prevent malfunction and leakage
  • High functional reliability
  • Low-cost lubricating solution
MAZAK QTN-250-II Matrix

New Machine – MAZAK QTN-250-II Matrix 1000 mm wide peak – with two axles


New Product
Nitrogen-Tension Cylinder

Our products, manufactured by ATN, such as hydraulic tensioner units, nitrogen and spring packages, have their main application in the large construction equipment and are used in the largest excavators in the world. We have acquired our know-how in the segment mentioned from longstanding cooperations with manufacturers of construction equipment, and we are permanently working on innovations.