Erkat Special Drum Cutters

Erkat special drum cutters consist of extremely robust spur gears driven by high-torque hydraulic motors. The spur gears are so robust that the drum cutters can easily operate under the most difficult conditions.

The time-proven Erkat modular system allows an optimal adjustment of the drum cutters to operating conditions. Due to the changeable width of the cutter heads and swallow capacity of the hydraulic motors, the Erkat special drum cutters can cope with almost every operation and construction site.

Drum CuttersER-50ER-100ER-250ER-600ER-650
Operating weight kg1002204509001000
Machine Type t1 – 33 – 77 – 1510 – 2015 – 25
Drum CuttersER-1200ER-1500ER-2000ER-3000ER-5500
Operating weight kg16501650220033005900
Machine Type t20 – 4020 – 4030 – 5045 – 7070 – 125

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