The GR demolition and sorting grabs are designed for:

Abbruch- und Sortiergreifer MBI
  • demolition work of brick buildings and timber constructions,
  • constructions of other materials,
  • and for the subsequent separation of the demolition material to facilitate recycling.

The models of this series are equipped with the latest-generation technology.

Hydraulic rotary drive

In all models of the series, the opening and closing of the grab is effected by means of hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders' synchronization ensures a compensating linkage for steady movements.

The 360° hydraulic rotary drive is a standard feature available on all models and enables a precise and fast positioning of the tool. The demolition and sorting grab is equipped with reusable counter-knives, which can be replaced after wear in order to restore the tool to an optimum operating state.

(Foto: Mantovanibenne)

Tool DataGR-150GR-300GR-500GR-600GR-850GR-1000
Carrier Device t2-3,53-65-87-1011-1513-18
Operating weight kg150320535595850950
Jaw opening (mm)96012001570157017101825
Tool DataGR-1300GR-1500GR-2200GR-2400GR-3400
Carrier Device t16-2122-2728-3430-4545-70
Operating weight kg14001500220024003900
Jaw opening (mm)20402110230025002700

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