Pulverizer – secondary demolition tool

01 – Rigid Pulverizer

The rigid pulverizer MCP-IT is ideal for the crushing of demolition material in order to facilitate its preparation and recycling by means of a previous separation of reinforcing steel and concrete.

All models of this production series are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism to ensure extra short periods of time regarding the opening and closing of the movable jaw. In addition, the MCP-IT has high-performance cylinders for exceptional demolitional power under all kinds of working conditions.

A special feature of the MCP-IT series is a completely replaceable set of teeth. Regarding the movable jaw, there are two different wear plates available for primary and secondary demolition. This way, the pulverizer's teeth can be optimally adjusted to the respective operation. Thus, both maintenance costs and machine downtimes can be significantly reduced.

Tool DataMCP – 300MCP – 480MCP – 600 ITMCP – 800 ITMCP – 910 ITMCP – 1000 ITMCP – 1300 IT
Carrier Device (t)15-44-1010-1818-2525-3535-4560-80
Operating weight (kg)15049010502200310042008000
Jaw opening (mm)300480620830100011501300

02 – Rotating Pulverizer


Light, fast, powerful, and accurate:

The Rotary Pulverizer RP-IT is an extremely versatile demolition tool for all kinds of tasks: The RP-IT model is used both in the area of ​primary demolition and the subsequent comminution of the demolition material to facilitate its preparation and recycling.

Photos: Mantovanibenne

Tool DataRP – 10 ITRP – 16RP – 20 ITRP – 30 ITRP – 40 ITRP – 50 ITRP – 80 IT
Carrier Device t10-1816-2318-2626-3232-4545-6060-90
Operating weight kg1100172020002850410052008200
Jaw opening mm580700750900100011001250

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